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Quality is our vision. Company Corporate Office located in Agrabad Chittagong which is close proximity from Chittagong Sea port and Chittagong International Air Port.


At Sundry Group we are committed to remain viable, vibrant in business by understanding and fulfilling the needs of our clients and the community, also to provide safe and positive working environment for all employees .All our facility follows local law and anti-discrimination guideline strictly.


In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.


You need to dream big then one day you will be able to achieve your dreams. As if you don't dare to dream how will your dream come true. So at Sundry Group we always dream big and hope one day step by step we will achieve our biggest goals in no time.


Our aims and goals are set according to our plans for our various companies and industries and hope that we climb our stairs well and achieve our goals.

True dedication and hard work of our management and team of qualified staffs makes us what we are today. Thanks to each and everyone to be the person behind our success.




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